Vote for James Smith Junior for South Carolina governor

by jovan1984

Sixteen years of conservative rule has offered no improvement at all in South Carolina.

In fact, 16 years of conservative rule has resulted in worsening streets and highways, worsening infrastructure, worsening education results and worsening results when it comes to women.

South Carolina was recently named the most dangerous state for a woman to be pregnant in. That is the epitome of what 16 years of conservative rule has done to the state.

And there’s only one person who owns these dismal records: the slumlord governor, Henry McMaster.

As governor, Smith will expand Medicaid via exective order within his first 180 days.

Smith will also end the defense of the lawsuit of an indefensible veto that defunded Planned Parenthood and will cost the state more money than what South Carolina gives to Planned Parenthood.

Smith will also bring ethics back to the governor’s mansion and end the nepotism that has run amok for the past sixteen years.

As James Smith Junior rightfully pointed out, if the state of South Carolina was a football team, McMaster would be fired.

It is time to change the coach.

It is time to replace McMaster with Smith.