On Obgerfell Day, vote for a true progressive, NYC!

by jovan1984

On June 26, which is Obgerfell Day, New Yorkers have a choice.

A choice between DINO Carolyn Maloney or send her packing and put a real Democrat in Congress in Suraj Patel.

Representative Maloney claims to be a progressive, but three important votes she took tell a much different story.

  • She voted “yea” to allow banks to discriminate against marginalized women by voting for a bill called the “End Banking for Human Traffickers Act”.
  • She voted “yea” for the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act”, a bill Jeff Sessions opposed, because of the fact that marginalized women are actually being injured and killed – all the while absolutely no victims of trafficking are being saved by the law.
  • She also voted for the 2015 law that enabled Trump’s FBI to seize Backpage and other consensual sex work web pages.

In 1992, Rep. Maloney was right for New Yorkers. Not so in 2018. New Yorkers need to retire this politician who cares only about her career, not about marginalized women.

Vote for Suraj Patel on June 26.