The Problem With Personhood Laws

Here is the whole problem with personhood laws. It places the rights of a non-sentinent being above that of a living, breathing human being. Totally unconstitutional and such laws violate basic human rights of women. There is a reason why abortion is legal and must remain that way. Read more from the Grad School Journalist.

Grad School Journalist

South Carolina legislators have re-entered the abortion foray with a new bill asserting that personhood “vests after fertilization.” The bill states that “personhood is God-given, as all men are created in the image of God.” The right to choose or the right to life has been heavily debated since the passing of Roe vs. Wade and has potential to become one of the determining factors in how residents vote in upcoming statewide races.

The bill has been introduced by 21 senators predominately male, with 1 female legislator, and 1 Democrat.

Abortion Facts Abortions report sourced from the SC DHEC website. Updated statistics were not found.

The Personhood of South Carolina website, a non-profit to promote the bill states that, “While we understand and sympathize with the hardships a mother faces in these situations, we are against abortion for the same reason we are against rape — it is a violation of the…

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