388 Anti-Sex extremists in the House just blatantly ignored the will of over 300 million Americans in passing the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act – a bill that would allow people to kill scores of law abiding sex workers if it becomes law

by jovan1984

Washington, DC — So much for making DC listen to the people.

Despite over 300 million Americans opposing House Resolution 1865, known as the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), the House of Representatives passed the unconstitutional bill. Eighteen representatives did not vote.

Republican Jeff Duncan, surprisingly, was the only Representative of any of the local counties to vote to protect sex trafficking survivors by being among 25 to vote against FOSTA. Mark Sanford (R), who represents the Charleston area, was the only other Tri-State Representative to protect sex trafficking survivors.

FOSTA has less than 10% support nationwide because of all the abuses this bill would bring if it is allowed to become law. FOSTA would allow people to hunt down and slaughter sex workers with guns as if they are deer.

The Green River Killer was allowed to do what he did because of the Mann Act and other laws criminalizing prostitution.

And that is only the start of the disgusting things FOSTA would allow.

Among other issues with the bill: web pages such as eBay, Tagged and other sites with commerce would be sued out of existence because the bill also repeals Section 230, a section of federal law the Supreme Court forced Congress to enact after the ACLU defeated then-President Clinton over another extremely controversial law, the Child Online Protection Act.

To recap, the House of Representatives ignored 300 million people and decided to listen to anti-sex extremists such as Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler and Ivanka Trump. Among the 300 million plus Americans who spoke out against this:

  • Law enforcement agencies in every US state
  • Many organizations that actually work to combat child sex trafficking
  • Law abiding sex workers
  • Sex worker rights organizations
  • Lesser known Silicon Valley personalities
  • Intersectional feminists

The children who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. are right about one thing: adults just refuse to listen. We need to replace the entire federal government in the next three election cycles.

Hopefully, Ron Wyden will put an indefinite hold on FOSTA just as he has done with other bad bills in the past.