One arrested in Orangeburg County high schools’ threat

by jovan1984

Orangeburg — A 24-year-old has been arrested for threats to one of two high schools in Orangeburg County.

The man, identified as Shakiem Ellison, was picked up at 2:30 EDT today after a county-wide sweep by the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office the minute they got word of threats against Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School on Tuesday.

Mr. Ellison made a post on Facebook stating his intention to pull a Parkland on O-W before the school session began this morning.“We’ve been tracking this individual and searching his most visited locations throughout the county since a few minutes after the threat was received,” Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell told WLTX News 19. “We finally located him around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.”

This is a frightening and simply callous incident that comes less than a week after a nation found itself grieving for 17 students in Florida. However, we acted immediately to find this individual and put an end to the opportunity before another tragedy occurred. I’m just disappointed and angered someone would do this here in our community.”

A disappointed Judge Derrick Dash granted Mr. Ellison a bond of roughly $3,237. Judge Dash said that he would have denied bond if it was up to him.

Sheriff Ravenell noted that as of noon EDT today, he and his officers are still looking for someone who sent threats to Lake Marion High School in Santee. He also said that Mr. Ellison acted alone in the O-W threats. Extra sheriff’s officers were added to both Lake Marion and O-W this morning to ensure protection.

Sheriff Ravenell has reiterated that he has absolutely no tolerance for these types of threats.

UPDATE at 21:43 Thursday: The suspect has been identified as Shakiem Ellison. The post has been updated to reflect this information.