Andrea Ramsey sexually harassed a man in 2005. She is the first woman to face consequences for sexually harassing a man.

by jovan1984

Kansas City, Kan. – So far, there have been 190 people accused of sexual harassment. That includes four women.

And one woman finally faced consequences for sexually harassing a man.

Andrea Ramsey, a Democrat who was seeking to flip one of more than 60 vulnerable GOP House seats, withdrew from the Democratic primary race after she sexually harassed a man who used to work for a company she was employed at and then retaliated against him by axing him from LabOne.

The Kansas City Star reported that Ms. Ramsey made “unwelcome sexual advances as well as unwelcome, unwanted and offensive sexual comments and innuendos during his employment” and that Ms. Ramsey moved the employee’s desk, criticized him and eventually fired him after he declined the advances.

After the allegations that caused Senator Al Franken to resign and Representatives John Conyers to retire, the Democrats put out a no-tolerance rule on sexual harassment.

In addition to being the 190th person outed as a sexual harasser, Ms. Ramsey is the third woman outed as sexually harassing men since October 6. She is the fourth woman to have been accused of sexual harassment overall since that time, and the first woman politician to have faced such allegations in US history.

And I am angry that not one Female Feminist source tweeted or commented on this. Nine media outlets, including CBS News, did.