The Vicki Ringer Rule is a common sense rule everyone needs to know about

by jovan1984

Lexington – In the aftermath of sexual harassment incidents involving nearly 180 celebrities, people have been proposing new rules.

First was the Mike Pence rule. While popular, it is also very sexist and is totally impossible for men and women in the mental health field to implement due to the private meetings that counselors must have with clients.

Then came the Rock Test. While light hearted, it was construed as being homophobic because it taught men to fear being seen as gay.

Also was the Tiff Tips, which was the worst of the rules to have been proposed thus far. Not only is the Tiff Tips sexist, it is also gymnophobic and should be a nonstarter for anyone who values body positivity.

Enter Vicki Jinette Ringer, of Lexington.

The director of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic South Carolina proposed several rules last month.

And the rules are very much common sense.
Nothing sexist or gymnophobic about this. Just truth and straight to the point.