In completely boneheaded decision, Disney chooses woman who sexually harassed bodyguard

by jovan1984

New York City – Executives at Disney announced that Mariah Carey would be the featured guest on ABC’s New Years Rockin’ Eve show.

Someone at the corporation famous for Mickey Mouse had to be tone deaf to make this decision.

In mid-October, about a week and a half after Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sexual predator, Ms. Carey was the first woman outed as a sexual harasser.

Ms. Carey’s former bodyguard said that she called him racist and sexist slurs, and she was around him only in her lingerie or bikini and she engaged in other inappropriate behavior in humiliating him. This is eerily similar to the allegations women have made against a lot of the men who have been outed as harassers – that men would be around in Speedos, briefs, or even in the bathtub naked around the women victims.

Ms. Carey is among three women who have been accused of sexual harassment. LeeAnn Tweeden, who brought Al Franken down from the US Senate, sexually harassed the now late Robin Williams. And just on Saturday, Lynn Weidner resigned from the Miss America pageant after she along with two men were accused of sexually harassing pageant participants, some of whom actually were crowned Miss America.

Here’s to hoping Disney reconsiders this boneheaded decision.