Here’s a real list of six bad things the US promotes!

by jovan1984

Talladega, Ala. – When Roy Moore spoke to his supporters last week, he said that the US promotes a lot of bad things.

He wrongly cited same sex marriage as an example. In reality, same sex marriage is a positive right and a positive thing to promote.

Since he decided to bring up his claims of bad things promoted, I have a list six bad things the US actually promotes:

1. Gymnophobia. Gymnophobia is the hatred of nudity and/or nudists. And both conservatives and liberals – and especially women – are guilty as charged in being gymnophobes.
2. Misogyny against pregnant women. Conservatives in Alabama have said that they would rather vote for a candidate who sexually assaulted children (defined as being under 16 in the state, according to Alabama’s age of consent law) than to vote for a person who believes that women still have basic civil rights during pregnancy. That tells you all you need to know about that electorate.
3. Segregated bathrooms and transphobia. Most Americans who do not study hard believe that segregation ended in the 1960s. Wrong. Segregation never ended, and that is especially true for gender non-conforming people. They are victims of segregation today in many places, most infamously in Oxford, Ala. and in the states of North Carolina and Texas. Oh, and lest we forget that at least 24 transgender people have been murdered this year as of December 4.
4. Racism. Trump has been promoting racism disguised as patriotism everywhere he has been. He insulted all African-Americans by calling them “son of a bitches” in September. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, he attacked NFL players for supporting a move to go back to the Bush-era policies of remaining in the locker room until the Star Spangled Banner is over. And this has been happening so repeatedly, it is impossible to dismiss.
5. Romeo and Juliet clauses. Yes, we are going after these clauses, which are in many states’ statutory rape laws (thankfully, such clauses are no longer in South Carolina’s law). The age of consent should mean just that – for everyone. Time to repeal these clauses.
6. Guns and gun culture. Eventually, we were going to get here. The US has had a mass shooting for every day in 2017, including the infamous massacre in Las Vegas that killed 58 people on October 1 and a mass shooting in nearby Allendale. And the worst part of it all is that the House of Representatives just passed House Resolution 38, a law that will allow criminals to carry guns everywhere – including in daycares, schools and sports arenas – including in New York City due to the fact that the bill nullifies all tough gun laws while allowing the laxest of gun laws to dictate policy nationwide! You can demand the Senate to kill HR 38 here, and you can also tell your state attorney general to join in a lawsuit against HR 38 should it become law.

There are more bad things that the US promotes, but these are among the biggest. Add more in the comments!