Disturbing poll shows that only 12% of Americans have appropriate sexual boundaries

by jovan1984

It pains us to do this, but there’s some very disturbing news to report on this Friday.

A poll of one thousand nineteen (1,019) people revealed that many Americans have poor sexual boundaries.

In fact, the poll revealed that only 1 in every 8 Americans, both men and women, have appropriate sexual boundaries.

Barna asked twenty items to those who took the survey.

All 20 items in the question actually count as sexual harassment.

So, 7 out of 8 Americans failed the sexual boundaries survey badly.

Now, let’s break it down.

When asked about touching another person (includes handshakes and hi-fives), 24 out of every 25 women correctly counted that as harassment. Only 86% of men got that item correct.

Disappointingly, 9% of American women feel that being forced to do something sexual does not count as harassment. Not a complete surprise that more men (17%) felt the same way.

When it comes to indecent exposure (this includes touching self in the genitals around others, flashing around others – including women breastfeeding around male subordinates without allowing him to excuse himself, and jacking off to others), the results are the exact same for the two part question. Part one, touching/masturbating to others, only 89% of women and 76% of men said that is sexual harassment. The same was true of the second part of the question, exposing themselves to others.

When it comes to objectifying and/or lewd and crude comments, only 86% of women and 7 in 10 men saw that as sexual harassment.

What’s really disappointing is that 15% of women and 29% of men thought that sharing nonconsensual intimate photos is not sexual harassment, even after a woman violated Congressman Joe Barton’s privacy by sharing an intimate photo of him in public without his consent.

When it came to being shown pictures of a sexual nature, only 21 in 25 women and 7 in 10 men saw that as sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, only 5 in 6 women and 69% of men saw vulgar texts and emails as sexual harassment.

When it came to pinching of poking others, either in real life or on social media, there was a marked drop off in women who saw that as sexual harassment. Only seven in nine women saw such that way. Only 17 in every 25 men agreed.

The drop off continued, with only 7 in 10 women and 13 in 25 men viewing pushing against others as sexual harassment. This is the last question in the poll in which the majority of men agreed that the item asked is sexual harassment.

Only five in eight women and 49% of men viewed having a path barricaded as sexual harassment.

Nonetheless, 29 in 50 women and 47% of men said that “someone persisted” when the persister were previously told “no” after asking them out to a social gathering.

Only 11 in 20 women and 41% of men saw someone blowing kisses or making gestures similar to kissing as sexual harassment.

Following someone constantly was deemed harassment by only 13 in 20 women and 19 in 50 men. This is the last question in the poll in which the majority of women agreed that the item asked is sexual harassment.

Disturbingly, only 23 in 50 women and 8 in 25 men view sexual jokes as sexual harassment, meaning the majority of Americans are truly disturbing people.

And the poll results get even more disgusting from there.

Only 8 in 25 women and 2 in 9 men saw disrespect laughter as harassment. Whistling (including wolf whistling) was viewed as harassment by only 29% of women and 23% of men. Only 19% of women and 2 in 11 men saw intense staring as sexual harassment.

Only 4 in 25 women and 1 in 8 men saw winking as harassment.

Finally, only 1 in 8 women and men saw flirting as sexual harassment.

Think about that, folks. The fact that 88% of women and men (that’s 896 of the 1,019 respondents) have no problems at all with nonconsensual flirting is truly the most disgusting part of the poll.

We must admit it: We have failed entire generations of Americans when it comes to consent and boundaries.

My hope is that the 9/11 generation, currently the oldest generation of children (the eldest of them are 16 years old), doesn’t wind up like 88% of the poll respondents. We can teach them to be better than this.

It is on all of us to teach the children to have appropriate sexual boundaries. Ever since before this blog existed, yours truly has been in support of sex education in public schools for grades 1-12, with no opting out. The latter results of this poll, as well as the results from men in half of the questions asked, make it painfully obvious that such is needed.

I wish I could find solace among the 123 respondents who actually have appropriate sexual boundaries, but the fact that 88% of respondents answered any question in the poll wrong is enough to make me vomit.

We as Americans, both men and women, have a lot of work to do. Because 88% of us failed the boundaries and consent test.