The real Karen Handel is a vile scumbag who stole from cancer patients

by jovan1984


Atlanta, Ga. — Karen Handel is the GOP nominee for the special election being held to replace Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price on June 20.

She may look nice, but do not be fooled. She is very ugly when you look beyond the surface.

Before February 28, 2012, Ms. Handel used to be a member of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is an organization that devotes itself to fighting and ending breast cancer.

It was on that day where the real Karen Handel was exposed.


It is widely believed that the Susan G. Komen Foundation stripped funding for Planned Parenthood because some of their board members wanted to disassociate themselves from America’s women’s health care provider.

However, what we know now, there was one person and only one person who wanted Susan G Komen to sever ties with Planned Parenthood.

Karen Handel.

Ms. Handel is a prominent anti-choice extremist. She enlisted them in an attempt to take over Susan G Komen.

The attempt failed because of, you guessed it, social media.

Outrage on Twitter was especially swift over Susan G Komen’s announcement of severing ties with Planned Parenthood, with many longtime supporters quitting the breast cancer organization over this.

In the five years since, Susan G Komen has never regained the trust of Americans. Severing ties with Planned Parenthood was the ultimate betrayal for many women who donated to the organization for years and years – some donors first donation to Susan G Komen predated Roe vs. Wade.


Ms. Handel resigned from the Susan G Komen Foundation during the seething anger from longtime donors.

Shortly after her resignation, Susan G Komen reversed course and restored the ties to Planned Parenthood, but it was way too late with many donors, who still to this day boycotts the organization and send their donations directly to Planned Parenthood.

A few months after that incident, Ms. Handel decided to play not just one victim card, but several decks of them.

In every interview, she denied any responsibility whatsoever for the damage she caused at Susan G. Komen, and instead blamed Planned Parenthood and the “pro-abortion” lobby.

She continued to shift the blame to Planned Parenthood and other abortion rights groups in her book, titled Planned Bullyhood. The book was a flop, because people saw right through Ms. Handel and her lies.

But, that was not the most disgusting part of what she did while at Susan G. Komen.


According to sources on Twitter, Ms. Handel did everything from withholding funds from cancer patients to misappropriating funds to even outright stealing the funds from Susan G. Komen – all to ensure that patients would not step foot inside of a Planned Parenthood clinic to get checked for cancer. As the user notes, non-profits have mission statements for a reason and they are not to be flouted in any way, form or fashion by anyone.

Yet, Ms. Handel clearly violated Susan G. Komen’s mission during her entire time with the organization by stealing $77,000,000.00 in donations meant for cancer patients, patients who would otherwise die without the help. That was sufficient grounds for her termination from the organization.



Planned Parenthood did not make Ms. Handel do any of that. Ms. Handel did that all on her own because she is an ideologue who has always been against women and a radical fascist.

Ms. Handel’s actions would have gotten her arrested if not for her political clout.


Ms. Handel is trying to paint a nice picture of herself as a candidate for the people. Reading this, you should now know – and learn about – the real Karen Handel. A liar. A conwoman. A thief.

Especially that one. Especially the thief. Anyone who steals money from the vulnerable, the sick and the needy is a person who is untrustworthy and a person unfit for public office. Through her actions, Ms. Handel has clearly demonstrated that she is not even remotely trustworthy, and she is clearly unfit to be a representative.

Ms. Handel has no compassion for anyone but herself. She is the epitome of selfish. And her values are the values of the Georgia Republican Party.

Those are not America’s values, and the good people in Georgia’s Sixth District should reject Karen Handel’s values of lying and stealing from sick people come June 20.