Anti-Constitution blog Washington Free Beacon posts disgusting gymnophobic attack on Rob Quist. Aiken Area Progressive is endorsing Quist as a result.

by jovan1984

GOP Hates the US Constitution

Helena — The anti-Constitution, anti-liberty, anti-freedom thugs called the Republican Party have stooped to an unprecedented low in the Montana special election.

They, along with the notorious anti-Constitution blog Washington Free Beacon, have smeared Rob Quist for performing at a nudist resort when he was an aspiring country music star.

Here’s more from Felicity Jones of the Young Naturists of America:

This election came to our attention because of one particular background detail on Quist – he is a musician and has (gasp!) given performances at a nudist resort in the past. We all know this now because the Republican National Committee released a detailed story about this at the Free Beacon for their mudslinging purposes.

Quist performed several times at one nudist club in Idaho called Sun Meadow Resort. He has said that he was clothed in these performances (not that we, or anyone else for that matter, should care).

Up until this story came out, the resort had a photo on their homepage of Quist playing guitar on stage with his daughter (since replaced with a different picture). The resort has not replied to media requests for comment.

In an email comment to USA Today, NRCC spokesperson Jack Pandol said, “The more Rob Quist’s past is laid bare, the more his claim to represent Montana values is exposed as another charade. When all is stripped away, this washed-up hippie is just a naked embarrassment to the voters he’s running to represent.”

Did you get enough double entendres in there, Jack? And just what do Quist’s performances have to do with “Montana values”?

The Republicans’ mudslinging just looks like a desperate attempt to squash the growing support for Quist.

Quist’s communications director Tina Olechowski commented (to USA Today), “This is just a naked attempt to distract voters from (Republican rival) Greg Gianforte’s shady Russian investments.”

It’s distracting voters from all of the more important issues at hand, such as, I don’t know, healthcare? Gun rights?

But also… do voters even care about Quist’s nudist resort gigs? And if so, what’s their issue with it?

Personally I really hope that most do not, though it’s hard to say. In the 2015 NEF poll, we did learn that most Americans would either be indifferent or more supportive of a naturist political candidate (or one who supports clothing optional use of public land).

It looks like it’s going to be a close race. We hope that Montanans will do their homework on these candidates and vote for the person they think is best for the job.

Regardless of which candidate you support, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, whether you live in Montana or not, it is important for naturists to let Quist know that we support him, and we all loathe the RNC’s smear campaign.

We urge everyone to contact the RNC, the NRCC and Jack Pandol to tell them that their antics and their weak attempts at character assassinations are despicable and have no place in politics. After all, Quist did nothing wrong nor did he break any laws (as far as we know).

So, this is where we are.

The very people claiming that they are strict constructionists and Constitutionalists are attacking the Constitution in attacking nudity and Quist. That, my friends, is what we call rank hypocrisy.

That is also what we call anti-Constitution, anti-freedom, anti-liberty and anti-American. The Washington Free Beacon and the Republican Party are all of that and then some.

We really show complete contempt for people like this.

Contact the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and Jack Pandol and unload on these anti-freedom fascists for their bigotry against nudism and their contempt for the Constitution.

As a result, we at Aiken Area Progressive are imploring Montanans to vote for Rob Quist in the election. We’re endorsing Mr. Quist because he supports real freedom, something the Republican Party has never supported since I was born.

Felicity Jones