Victory, although subdued: Permitless carry, open carry bill dead for 2017

by jovan1984


Columbia — The regular session of the South Carolina state legislature has ended.

It ended at 17:00 today and while it is a major defeat for many adults due to the failure of the legislature to even consider the bill decriminalizing marijuana, this session did turn out to be a subdued victory for our children.

That’s because the South Carolina Senate ran out of time to pass a dangerous House bill that endangers our children and their public welfare and public safety.

It is unlikely that a special session will be called upon by Henry McMaster to take up this gun bill, especially with more pressing matters such as repairing the crumbling infrastructure – that’s bridges, highways, sidewalks and even water-related infrastructure.

However, this is definitely not the last of the bill. The out of control Republican House will bring it back in seven-plus months.

In the meantime, continue to call the state legislators and tell them to defeat any attempt to allow permitless carry and open carry in 2018.