#FBRape, Part II: Facebook condones female-on-male sexual violence

by jovan1984

Bad Girls Advice screenshot

Menlo Park, Calif. — By now, you know that Facebook has a major problem with violent content, something that Everyday Sexism’s Laura Bates revealed in an exposé in 47 months ago.

Turns out, Mark Zuckerberg has learned absolutely nothing from the #FBRape campaign of 2013.

The latest example (out of many) of the Facebook’s irresponsible corporate culture comes via an Sydney-based Facebook group called Bad Girls Advice.

One of the female admins of the group resigned in disgust after she took screenshots of members bragging and boasting about abusing and raping men. Bad Girls Advice also posted thousands of pics of naked men, in clear violation of not only Facebook’s policies on nudity but also of Australian law on revenge pornography – the latter of which could subject all 200,000+ members of the group to prosecution and registration as sex offenders upon conviction. We at Aiken Area Progressive will support the prosecution of the group’s members for revenge porn should authorities decide to do so.

Too bad the media edited out the identities of the violent and dangerous women who posted this, though. Because of that, Aiken Area Progressive will not share the images unless we can somehow obtain the unedited images.

But we will, however, post some of the what was said by women in the group.

In one thread, a woman explains she is in a fit of rage with her partner and wants to “punch him in the c**k and stab him in the leg with a fork”, before asking what the craziest thing members have done to a male in a fit of rage.

The post was met with numerous responses, some troubling.

“Threw a potato at his head, threw a mug at his head, threw a stubby at his head, threw a rock at his very expensive V8 (sensing a pattern),” responded one user.

“Stabbed with a fork, reversed over him in a car, threw him out of the car, punched him in the nose, threw bowls, remotes or wateva [sic] at his head,” wrote another.

“I’m legit laughing u [sic] bitches r [sic] off tap. I love this page,” replied one user.

Another disgusting woman commented, “Threw a chair at him through a glass door. Door smashed and cut him the fuck up. Needless to say he did not smart mouth me again.”

To no one’s surprise, the violent women of the Bad Girls Advice group denied ever condoning sexual violence against men and boys and even engaged in victim-blaming in their interviews with news.com.au.

“I report the penis pictures that get posted daily, videos of explicit content (nudity and pornography) and also stories of bestiality which were assured to members ‘were true’,” said one group memeber.

“Some of the content is removed but it’s hard to keep up with the amount that gets posted daily by the 200,000 plus members.”

Another group member told news.com.au, “Some (women) were absolutely horrified by this content and because they broke the ‘scroll on rule’ they were ‘roasted’ and claimed they were ‘kink shaming’ and ‘basic bitches’.”

The admin were fully aware what was going on, and wrote a post afterwards saying that they’d deleted hundreds of basic bitches for not scrolling on and that if you had a problem they would ‘f*ck your pets’.”

The definition of intersection is the set containing all the elements that are common to two or more sets. Female-on-male sexual violence is definitely intersectional to the more common male-on-female sexual violence. Sexual objectification of men by women is definitely intersectional to the more common sexual objectification of women.

The sexist things women do or say about men is intersectional and one is not an intersectional feminist unless they speak out about sexism against men by women, and violence against men by women. No exceptions here.

Although the flacks at Menlo Park is finally investigating this group, it is way past time for people inside and outside of Australia to report Bad Girls Advice to Facebook in huge numbers and give it the same treatment as we would give to misogynist bro groups. A permanent deletion from Facebook and a lengthy suspension of all members.

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