Think of the children – KILL OPEN CARRY NOW, Senators!

by jovan1984

think about the children text

Columbia — Sixty-four members of the South Carolina State House of Representatives clearly showed recently that they do not care about our kids as they passed a bill legalizing open carry in most public places.

And to make matters worse, Governor Henry McMaster has vowed to sign the bill that would make our children sitting ducks too hot headed yahoos by allowing these people to carry firearms without a permit.

We are all to familiar with the what happened in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Samhain 2015.

People there reported that an eventual killer named Noah Harpham was causing alarm and affront around a neighborhood. But because of Colorado’s insane open carry law – one that the legislature tried but failed to repeal in 2013 in an eventual vote that resulted in the gun tyrants recalling Senator Angela Giron and another Senator that September – the Colorado Springs Police Office were prevented from doing their jobs of protecting the community.

Open carry left three people dead that day. Mr. Harpham, 33, then killed himself after doing massive carnage and tearing apart families.

Colorado is a state that does not have anywhere near the frequency of gun violence that South Carolina does. But, the mass shooting still happened.

Since the decade started on January 1, 2011, the Palmetto State has seen at least one mass shooting annually – with the most notable mass shootings happening in Wagener (2011), Myrtle Beach (2014), Greenwood (2014) and Charleston (2015).

In each of these aforementioned mass shootings, children were in plain sight as the violence broke out.

And while our major beef with Republican legislators intentionally violating our children’s rights with this bill is the main focus of this post, Rep. Justin Bamberg (D-Denmark) brought up an excellent point during the limited debate, a debate that Republicans stifled because the gun extremists handing out paychecks to the South Carolina legislators did not want to hear the reality or the facts.

“If I’m an African-American male on the Battery in downtown Charleston and I’m open-carrying at 1 or 2 in the morning, which I’ll legally be able to do, is my very being, the very breath in my body going to give law enforcement probable cause to stop me?” he said during the debate.

And his concerns are very much founded in reality.

Just 32 months ago, Cleveland (Ohio) Police deputies shot and killed John Crawford, 22, because he was legally carrying a gun in plain view and open carry is legal for anyone in Ohio.

Three months later, Cleveland deputies killed Tamir Rice, 12, because he had a toy gun.

And while I appreciate Rep. Bamberg and his concerns, my concern is actually a bit more expansive and involves a lot of additional people.

Our children should not be mentally or psychologically assaulted by seeing someone with a firearm in the open in Lincoln Park or on Church Street in Williston. If the tyrannical McMaster and the out of touch, out of control House of Representatives get their way, our children will be permanently scarred for life. And we already have plenty of children scarred for life as it is in South Carolina due to the gun culture and all the gun violence in predominantly white cities like Aiken and Spartanburg, predominantly black cities like Orangeburg, and even in diverse areas like Columbia and Charleston.

Briefly, we will tell you three things what these open carry laws and bills are not about.

  • Open carry is not about self-defense, as that is already a basic right in every square inch of the United States, even in California and Hawaii, the two states with the toughest gun laws. So, that argument falls apart under even moderate scrutiny.
  • Secondly, there is no defined right to carry in public in the Constitution. There is a right to bear arms and a right to self-defense (both in the Second Amendment), but that’s just about it. So, open carry – and by extension permitless carry – are simply made up “rights” out of the thinnest of air here, to paraphrase the very people who project on liberals all the damn time while being guilty of the very same thing they project liberals of!
  • Finally, it is about protecting gun manufacturers, not about protecting law-abiding citizens. There are plenty of law abiding citizens who own guns who actually support the current laws and oppose open carry. In addition to liberal Rep. Bamberg, ultraconservative former Lexington Senator and bonafide gun enthusiast Jake Knotts has come out against this too. And no doubt, if she was still governor, Nikki Haley would have threatened to veto this insane bill. The truth is that requiring a permit to carry does not infringe on anyone’s rights. As a matter of fact, the only thing requiring a permit to carry infringes on is the massive amounts of moola the gun manufacturers get on a daily basis.

As the twitter user @212degreesnow noted, even NRA members are speaking out against permitless carry and open carry. Now, it is time for the 46 South Carolina Senators to choose who they will protect.

It’s either children. Or guns.

It’s one or the other. You can not protect both.

If you want to continue our out of control gun culture and put our children in grave harm, you will hear from us all the way up until November 6, 2018, where we will have you replaced with people who actually cares about our children.

If you truly want to think of the children and protect the children, you will kill this insane gun bill now and make sure it never comes back.

It’s time to choose – and choose wisely.