Could Facebook be finally near with updates allowing audio calls and video calls on their Messenger app?

by jovan1984

Menlo Park, Calif. — After being slagged by the Windows 10 users for months for blatantly neglecting the platform, Facebook could be finally on their way to allowing audio calls and voice calls on their Windows 10 Messenger and Messenger beta apps.

Recently, on the r/windowsphone subreddit, a user named amosterous noted that the icons to call and video call are now appearing in the app.

However, the icons are dimmed out, meaning that calls and video calls are inoperable on the app at the moment.

This is the first time since the app was released 12 months ago (on March 18, 2016) that the calls and video calls icons have shown up in the app.

The option to call and video call are already available on the MacBooks, IPad, IPhone, and Android devices.

If calls and video calls actually do come to the Messenger apps on Windows 10 Mobile, it will be very significant considering that the unlocked Alcatel Idol 4s is the only Windows 10 phone to date that is VoLTE compliant (not counting the T-Mobile branded Microsoft Lumia 640, Alcatel Fierce XL or the Alcatel Idol 4s).

Let’s hope that Facebook finally lives up to their promises and commits to Windows 10 Mobile. And while they are at it, they need to bring Facebook Live to Windows 10 Mobile as well.