Former UFC fighter convicted on all but five charges in near-fatal assault on sex worker

by jovan1984


Las Vegas — A former Ultimate Fighter was convicted of the near-fatal assaulting his then-girlfriend, who is also a sex worker.

Jonathan Koppenhaver was convicted on all but five charges in the rape and assault of Christy Mack 31 months ago. The duo dated while he was still a UFC fighter.

The jury deadlocked on the attempted murder charges against Mr. Koppenhaver. The four charges he was acquitted of are as follows:

  1. burglary with use of a deadly weapon,
  2. sexually motivated coercion,
  3. battery with intent to commit sexual assault,
  4. sexual assault with use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm

Even without a guilty verdict on the attempted murder charge – which itself carries a natural life sentence – Mr. Koppenhaver could still be spending the rest of his life in jail with no chance of parole anyways.

That’s because he was convicted of twenty-nine other charges – many of them being felonies such as sexual assault, battery, and kidnapping.

Mr. Koppenhaver will be sentenced on June 5.