Now that AT&T has an unlimited plan, let’s compare the Big Five

by jovan1984

As of today: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular and T-Mobile all have unlimited data on their postpaid plans.

We’ll also dive into a comparison of their prepaid plans in another post.

First, below the fold, here are the unlimited postpaid plans and their prices.


Unlimited plan price: $87.02


Most reliable network data overall (tied with AT&T for most reliable LTE network)
Mobile tethering included (3G speeds)


The Lumia 735 is the only Windows Phone available from Verizon and it is not optimized for Facebook or Messenger.
Taxes and fees are excluded.

Notes: If you can do without a high end Windows phone, consider this your best option.


Unlimited plan price: $57.12


Second fastest LTE network (only behind T-Mobile)
Only carrier with mobile tethering at LTE speeds


No current Windows phones
Signal is horrific in Barnwell County
Taxes and fees are excluded.

Notes: If you want to save dough and if you are not mobile OS-conscious, consider this your best option.


Unlimited plan price: $65.42


Largest LTE network in the US
Tied with Verizon for most reliable LTE network nationwide
Most reliable LTE network in Barnwell County
Unlocked Windows phones work


Mobile tethering is expressly prohibited like it is on their GoPhone plans
Data is throttled at 4G speeds
Taxes and fees are excluded

Notes: If you do not need mobile tethering, this is the best unlimited plan because your Windows phone works on this network.

US Cellular:

Unlimited plan price: $76.22


Good signal in Barnwell County


Has not sold a Windows phone since the Autumn of 2012
No native LTE coverage (which means that data will not work when signal drops below three bars)
Service can be terminated since the Aiken Area is a non-licensed market for US Cellular
Taxes and fees are excluded

Note: If you accept the possibility of having service terminated and you don’t care about the lack of Windows phones, have at it with this plan.


Unlimited plan price: $70


Taxes and fees are included with the plan
Coverage in Barnwell County is improving – the county will get indoor coverage via Extended Range LTE by March 31
Fastest LTE network
Mobile tethering included


T-Mobile One is the only plan on postpaid
Mobile tethering can not be more than 49% of the monthly data usage
T-Mobile’s unlocked phone policy is very hostile towards unlocked phones that are not IPhones or popular Android phones
Wi-Fi Calling and Voice on LTE (VoLTE) are only guaranteed on T-Mobile locked phones (except for IPhones and select Android phones)

Notes: Be forewarned, if you are using a Windows phone on T-Mobile, make sure it is the carrier variant of the Lumia 640 or the Alcatel Idol 4s. Also: if you need additional tethering, make the jump to the One Plus plan for no extra cost at the present time and get 10 GB of LTE tethering.

Otherwise, this is the best value you will get from unlimited.

Your turn, readers. Which carrier provides the best unlimited plan?