Activist judge illegally convicts Free the Nipple activists for violating an ordinance that is expressly forbidden under New Hampshire law

by jovan1984


Laconia, N.H. — A trio of Free the Nipple activists were found guilty by an activist judge who should have known that the city’s public indecency ordinance is impermissible under New Hampshire state law.

Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair, and Ginger Pierro, three of the five women in the above photo, were illegally convicted on February 7 of violating the aforementioned illegal ordinance by activist judge Jim Carroll (photo below right).

judgejamesmcarroll2015The women’s attorney, Dan Hynes, sought to dismiss the case since the state of New Hampshire preempted all anti-nudity ordinances. His motion was denied by Carroll.

Ms. Lilley, Ms. Sinclair and Ms. Pierro – through Attorney Hynes – have vowed to appeal this egregious and illegal conviction.

I hope the New Hampshire Supreme Court is paying attention to this case. New Hampshire is one of 36 states with an enforceable Equal Rights Amendment.

Time for the people in the Live Free or Die State to contact their state government and demand Concord to enforce their state law forbidding municipalities like Laconia to pass anti-nudity ordinances.

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