Midland Valley Mustangs’ coach arrested for rape

by jovan1984

Horse Creek — A rookie coach for the Midland Valley Mustangs’ girls basketball team was arrested for rape.

The Aiken County School District said their officials uncovered allegations of inappropriate contact between the coach and a female pupil shortly after school returned from Christmas break, which led to an immediate internal investigation by the school district, during which the suspect and the alleged victim denied having any inappropriate contact with one another whatsoever.

After interviewing numerous people of interest, the suspect was told to stay away from the victim and given a cessation of contact order.

Five weeks later, the victim then changed her story and confirmed that she and the suspect did something criminally inappropriate.

“We are extremely disappointed and upset by the nature of the allegations, and we will vigorously support the future prosecution of this case,” said the the Aiken County School District in the release.

Paul Quiller, information unknown, was arrested by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday and charged with statutory rape. The Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff’s Office also assisted in the investigation.

This is not the first time someone who has ties to Midland Valley High was arrested. Last month, another adult who worked at Midland Valley was arrested.

And in 2014, Paul Waters, a former employee of Midland Valley, was arrested at South Aiken High School for statutory rape. Also a former coach at Williston-Elko, Mr. Waters pleaded guilty to the charges against him 29 months ago.