Twitter to roll out new features for reporting abuse, but will any of it arrive on Windows 10 Phone?

by jovan1984


San Francisco — Reports are swirling about Twitter readying some new features to combat racist, misogynist and violent abuse on their social networking site.

However, as Windows 10 Phone users, we are left to wonder if we will be left out in the cold again.

As Windows 10 Phone users know, there is still no way to report abuse from the Twitter app, even as we both on here and on Twitter continue to push for a vital update from Twitter allowing us to report abuse from the app.

“We’re taking a completely new approach to abuse on Twitter. Including having a more open & real-time dialogue about it every step of the way,” wrote company CEO Jack Dorsey, referring to a tweet by Ed Ho, vice president for engineering, in which he promised the changes soon.

“This week, we’ll tackle long overdue fixes to mute/block and stopping repeat offenders from creating new accounts,” wrote Ho in one of a series of tweets.

On December 29, 2016, Mr. Dorsey asked users to identify what were the most important things users wanted Twitter to improve or create at the outset of this year, and he was able to narrow it down to four major categories. One of the final four categories that made the cut was abuse.

“We heard you, we didn’t move fast enough last year; now we’re thinking about progress in days and hours not weeks and months,” Ho promised in a message on Twitter.

“We will update you along the way and continue to test, learn and iterate on these changes to evaluate their effectiveness. You can expect to see meaningful progress in this area.”

And given the massive amounts of abuse conservative twitter users (think Chuck Johnson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and the tweeter named WeSearchR) have been hurling at liberals, the new features to report abuse simply cannot come soon enough.

Let’s hope that Twitter is finally serious about ending abuse on their platform by allowing Windows 10 Phone users to report abuse directly from the app, a feature which IOS, Android and Blackberry users already have.