Bottom Line: people did not march in the Women’s March for funsies

by jovan1984

Trump Inauguration Protests

Some woman from Spring, Texas named Christy posted a misogynist screed on Facebook during the six hour long Women’s March in the District of Columbia talking about “how good” women have it here.

If women have it so damn good here, then why did the United States receive an F for the grade on women’s rights for the tenth year in a row?

If women have it so good here, then why Nepalese women have more freedom than women here in the United States?

If women have it so good here, then why they cannot receive proper health care without conservatives harassing them or shutting down clinics that give women the well-woman care they deserve?

The fact and the matter is no matter how much Christy or anyone else like her say it, women do not have it good in the United States. It’s not even close – and I, for one, will no longer sugarcoat this.

The United States, once a leader in women’s rights, no longer ranks in the Top 40 when it comes to women’s freedom. In fact, we are outranked by Finland, Sweden, and other countries like Cuba and the Philippines.

If Trump and the Republicans in both Congress and in the States have their way, the United States will soon be ranked alongside the ranks of Iran, China and Oman.

Just in the last four days alone: Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, and the GOP in the House of Representatives passed the unconstitutional House Resolution 7, a standalone bill that would codify the Hyde Amendment into permanent law and prohibit pregnant people from using their own money for abortion services.

So, if you are pearl-clutching in any way about the Women’s March, you are way over your head and in fact, you are drowning.

They did not march on January 21 for funsies.

They marched because their rights are in grave peril.

The immediate threat to freedom is not foreign Islamic nations. The immediate threat to our freedom is Christofascists in Congress, the White House and in the state governments.

It is way past time for us to stop ignoring the Republicans and the grave threat they pose to our rights and start paying attention.