South Carolina has a gun culture problem – and it is way past high time to stop denying it!

by jovan1984

Santee AND Greenville — This Martin Luther King holiday weekend has brought two horrible events across the state – one locally – that has brought great shame to the state of South Carolina.

The local event happened on Saturday in the City of Santee. Tyrone Lamar decided it would be an awesome idea to bring his toddler girl along for a drug deal. During the deal, someone spat bullets, one of which hit the girl.

The victim was transported 65 miles to Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia to be treated for her injuries. The Santee Police Office booked Mr. Tyrone Lamar. It is not known what charges, aside from unlawful neglect of a child, he faces.

And as if that was not bad enough, 96 miles further west, in Greenville, a disgusting video of disgusting neglect of children surfaced.

One person anonymously took video of four kids, all preteens, picking up guns and not an adult in sight! This was posted on the Freedom Fighters Upstate’s Facebook page, which is embedded at the top of this post.

In the post noted that “there is no parental supervision and this needs to be reported to the authorities asap.”

I have a hard rule: if you would not allow your kids to watch porn or anything with sexual content at that age, or if you do not allow your kids to be taught sex education at that age, then your kids definitely should not be allowed to touch a firearm at that age! Period. Full damn stop.

While the parents in each situation should be held accountable to the highest costs, we also need to hold ourselves accountable.

It is way past time for us in South Carolina to admit that we have a gun culture problem that is getting out of control, then work like hell in the remaining years in this decade to fix it – and remove those who are opposed to corralling our runaway gun culture in the elections.