Williston Telephone Company (TDS Telecom) publishes two anti-choice centers under “Women’s Health Services”

by jovan1984


On Thursday, residents of the towns of Williston, Windsor, Elko, Neeses, North, Norway, Wolfton and Woodford all got their telephone books, which was 15 days earlier than usual.

Usually, no one cares to look near the front, but I did (because I wanted to look at prefixes and area codes) and disgusted does not even begin to describe my reaction when I looked at the Human Services section, which is before you even get to the White Pages.

I was fuming.

Above is the pic of what Williston Telephone Company considers as “women’s health services”.

For those who know this, NARAL affiliates in numerous states (including North Carolina) did excellent investigative work in exposing crisis pregnancy centers like Birthright and Daybreak, both of which are located in Columbia, throughout this decade. It was the excellent work of NARAL affiliates around the country that caused California to pass a first-in-the-nation law requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to post factual information about their services.

However, for the few that do not know that (after all, more people are moving out of Williston than moving in), they would think that they would be getting legitimate health care at these two locations.

However, neither Birthright nor Daybreak provide a legitimate health care service. Instead, all they offer are lies, deception, shaming of pregnant people, and practices that are very harmful to pregnant people.

While it is too late for this publication of the phone book, hopefully, TDS and the Williston Telephone Company will replace these two deceptive places with places that give women (and transgender men) actual health care before January 2018.