GOP-led US Senate begins the process of killing 30 million innocent American citizens and adding $10 trillion to the national debt

by jovan1984

Washington, DC — The Republican majority is getting ready to kill millions of innocent Americans.

All Republicans, except for Kentucky’s Rand Paul, voted to use deem and pass to kill 30 million innocent Americans, many of whom have mental health conditions, autism or other disabilities; and more than double our national debt.

One eagle-eyed Twitter user noted that the repeal of Obamacare alone would add $10 trillion to the national debt. That stands at just under $5 trillion.

Not even Joe Manchin (DINO-W.Va.) joined the GOP in this.

The GOP voted down numerous Democratic amendments that would have made a repeal and replacement to Obamacare much more platable to the Democrats in the rural Midwest and Rocky Mountain states.

As the GOP showed this morning, they have deliberately chosen to ignore the will of the people. No matter what they do, this will cost them their Senate majority in 2018.