Piedmont woman booked for stripping in an erotic manner outside of a barber shop

by jovan1984



Rock Hill — A Piedmont region woman was arrested for erotically stripping in front of her four kids.

According to the Rock Hill Police Office, their deputies were called to a barber shop on Saluda Street at 1:27 pm after several people were alarmed and affronted by a woman stripping in an erotic manner around a group of men.

That is when the suspect told deputies that she was paid to clean up the barber shop while in lingerie. Deputies told her that while she could remain in her underwear or even get naked, she had to knock off the antics because she was causing people to be alarmed by it.

One hour seventeen minutes later, RHPO deputies were re-dispatched to Gaston Barber Shop.  They saw the same woman stripping in the same erotic manner as before.

This time, though, a man claimed he had dropped a gun. The male subject asked, “Where’s that gun?”. Deputies said that he was throwing things around and he threatened to shoot the deputies if the door opened.

The York County SWAT unit was then dispatched and a brief standoff occurred.

The male subject, unidentified, was arrested due to his erratic behavior. No firearms were seen.

Due to her erotic behavior, Latigra Charell Ervin Heath, of Rock Hill, was arrested on four charges of indecent exposure and four charges of unlawful conduct towards a child.

It is important to note that had she showed up in lingerie or topless and had not exhibited any erotic or erratic behavior, Ms. Heath would not have been arrested or charged with anything.

WLTX News 19