Why I Walk Bare-Chested “Where Men Don’t.”

by jovan1984

“People say seeing female breasts is harmful to children.  This is not true.  Children need breasts for nourishment and comfort.  What is harmful to children is watching their parents apply disparate standards to men and women, and making girls cover up while not making boys cover up.  Violence and hate harm children more than anything, but we don’t censor those.

Words like “decent,” “proper,” and “moral” strike me now as weapon words, words used by those in power to oppress and control.  They are words steeped in subjectivity and prejudice.  Who decides what is proper and over whom do they wield this standard?  What is the penalty for violating this standard?  To me it is another way of saying a person has deviated from the norm, behaved atypically, or strayed from the herd, whether it was by doing backflips through the mall or demanding racial equality and justice.  There are people who are just inherently threatened by people doing their own thing.”

Source: Why I Walk Bare-Chested “Where Men Don’t.”