Indecent exposure in plain sight: Security guard under investigation (not charged as of this post) for jacking off to the Charger Girls on December 18, 2016

by jovan1984

San Diego — The San Diego Chargers had more than enough headaches during their just completed season without the kind of cluster headache they received 15 days ago.

That’s when a security guard, seen in the video above, saw fit to do one of the most disrespectful and disgusting things you can do anywhere, including at titty bars: masturbate to female performers, in this case, the San Diego Charger Girls.

The Charger Girls is the cheerleading squad of the Chargers, although it is unknown if they will be staying in San Diego, or moving to Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

Still, it was disgusting enough for the Chargers to ax this dude and for both the San Diego Police Office and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to open separate criminal investigations against the still unidentified ex-guard.

As of this post, he has still not been indicted or charged by either law enforcement agency for the indecent exposure.

This is a prime example (again) of us men refusing to respect women’s boundaries. The cheerleading squads are not there for our entertainment. The women and girls on the sidelines are performing a job they like and are proud of.

Women and girls – including those who shake pompons around this country – should not be subjected to this behavior. We men should know better.

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