#RIPLumia: The Lumia line dies today

by jovan1984


Redmond, Wash. — As of 17:00 Vietnam Time (5:00 Williston Time), the Microsoft Lumia line will be executed.

Reports throughout the year noted that Microsoft intends to stop production on the line by the last business day this year. That is today.

The high-end Lumias are already out of stock worldwide and they are not coming back. In fact, the only Lumias in stock currently are the Lumia 550 and Lumia 650.

Microsoft briefly re-sold the Lumia 1520 from March 18 until this summer when Windows 10 was released for the eligible devices.

What are my options?

Short of going back to a basic cellphone, your options are now very limited. There are only a few smartphones out there available. Let’s look at them.


Blu Win HD (W510u): Built in 2014, this smartphone is eligible for Windows 10. However, you will not be able to share on the full-fledged Facebook or Messenger apps as they require 2 GB of RAM.

Another downside to this phone is that it does not have LTE. What that means is that you will only get 2G speeds on T-Mobile.


  • Acer Liquid M330: This is the cheapest smartphone left in the market now. It’s been marked down to $79.99 in the Microsoft Store until January 2. It already has Windows 10 onboard. It supports the critical PCS LTE for T-Mobile, but it is not compliant with Band 12. Word of caution if you get this phone and take it to the Big Pink Carrier, as you will only be able to use data with it in an otherwise dead zone. It supports all of AT&T’s essential bands (PCS, 4, and 12).
  • Alcatel Fierce XL: Running at $109.99, this smartphone is the cheapest phone that has at least 2 GB of RAM. While you will get VoLTE with this phone, the trade-off is that it has an atrocious nighttime camera. You can also request T-Mobile to unlock this phone for use on AT&T. This phone is available on Alcatel’s site. Alternatively, you can buy it on eBay as well.
  • Blu Win HD LTE: Unlike the older model as written about above, this model does support LTE, but only on AT&T. And even then, the critical PCS band is missing, effectively making this phone useless on T-Mobile, since there are very few Band 4 areas in the US for T-Mobile. This phone costs $58.99 on eBay.
  • Coship Moly w5: This is one of two smartphones from Coship. While it has decent specs and water resistance, it does not support the full LTE networks of US carriers, omitting the critical Band 12.
  • Coship Moly x1: This is the other smartphone from Coship. It has similar LTE bands and specs as the Moly w5, but it also has slightly better camera specs than the Moly w5, and it also has wider availability. Unfortunately, it is also available solely at Trump-friendly Amazon, which means if you support your conscience, you will want to pass this over until more of them start landing on eBay.


  • Acer Liquid Jade Primo: This is the first Windows 10 smartphone to hit the worldwide market, in September 2015. It has specs that makes it a suitable replacement for the Lumia 950 XL. It can be purchased for as low as $299.98 from select stores. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock at the Microsoft Store, but the good news is that they are expected to continue mass production of these phones for as long as possible. Which brings us to the bad news for the second-largest smartphone market: there will be no more Acer-built smartphones coming to India.
  • Alcatel Idol 4s: The newest Windows 10 smartphone. This is only available at T-Mobile for the time being, with wider expansion possible. Should wider availability happen, especially in the States, the Idol 4s would be the first unlocked Windows Phone (either 8.x or 10) to support T-Mobile’s voice-on-LTE (VoLTE). Since it’s only available at T-Mobile currently, that means that the device must be paid off (if on an Equipment Installment Plan) or paid in full ($469.98) at the point of purchase before it can be unlocked for use on AT&T. This can be used as a suitable replacement for mid-range Lumias like the 735, 830, 925 or 1020, or the pseudo-flagship Lumia 640 XL. And rumor has it that Alcatel is readying another Windows handset down the pike.
  • HP Elite x3: This is the best high end phone currently in production (and the only flagship with water-resistance), and let me tell ya, it is about as cheap as getting a motor on my friend’s (antoniathehun’s) vehicle replaced. Just the Windows 10 phone itself will set you back $809.99. There’s a reason why this is a phone catered to businesses and not consumers. What that said, there are Elite x3’s available on eBay and the Microsoft Store. It is the first of two Windows 10 Phones (the other being the Idol 4s) that supports LTE-Advanced, and the only Windows 10 Phone to support AT&T’s Bands 29 and 30 LTE.

With no more phones expected from Microsoft, this is truly the end.

Rest in peace, Lumia. It is a massive loss for the smartphone industry.