Pa. woman guns down ex-boyfriend simply because he said “no” to her!

by jovan1984


Philadelphia — What was originally thought of as a fatal crash wound up turning into a case of female entitlement that has claimed another man’s life in 2016.

Martina Westcott, 27, gunned down her 33-year-old ex-boyfriend on Tuesday for the most outrageous of reasons that we have seen far too often within the past three years overall, and from the past five months alone from women.

All because the male victim rejected her.

While the victim was driving, Ms. Westcott asked for another chance to date him after a bad breakup.

He said “no”.

That was when an argument ensued and got heated very quickly. Then, Ms. Westcott pulled out a firearm, one in which she was not licensed to carry.

Ms. Westcott then executed the victim with one shot in the back of the head. He died instantly.

The car then crashed several times before coming to a stop at an embankment along WALNUT LN in the Mount Airy neighborhood.

Philadelphia Police Office deputies originally investigated this as a fatal accident on Tuesday. About 26 hours later, Ms. Westcott told her mother what had really happened. That is when the mother turned her daughter into the PPO.

Philadelphia Police Capt. James Clark told local media, “She told her mother what had happened. Her mother took her to the 14th police district in Germantown. They brought her down to homicide. She gave a full confession.”

The gathering of people at the crash site Wednesday night only illustrated the many lives he had touched through his job as a realtor and philanthropy work.

“From starting a non-profit in his brother’s honor to starting scholarship funds to help kids pay for school in the city, he’s done so many good things for so many people. I’ve never run across one person that had something bad to say about him,” said a friend of the victim.

Ms. Westcott’s refusal to take “no” as an answer from a man now has her facing capital murder and several other several charges.

This is not the first time this year in Pennsylvania that a person has been killed simply because the perpetrator could not take “no” as an answer. On the other side of the state in the other major city in the state, a man gunned down a woman simply because he refused to accept “no” as an answer from her. On January 22 in Pittsburgh, a single mother was slain simply because she rejected the advances of Charles McKinney. Much like Ms. Westcott in this case, Mr. McKinney was not licensed to carry a firearm in the Commonwealth.

Mr. McKinney faces murder charges and other charges in that case.

In a hearing less than three weeks later, at least a half dozen witnesses said that Mr. McKinney was going to “merk” the victim after being rejected.

People with children: now is the time to talk to all of them, gender notwithstanding, about entitlement and toxic gender roles. People who have girls need to talk to them as you all can help stymie this before what happened in Philly becomes an epidemic. People with boys need to talk to them and make their aware that toxic masculinity is a major issue as well and you all can help make the misogynistic elephant extinct.