Cumbee Center exec wants Corley expelled from legislature

by jovan1984


Rainbow Falls — As most of the world now knows, gun rights proponent Chris Corley (R-Graniteville) was booked on first degree criminal domestic violence charges and pointing and presenting a firearm.

Those two charges carry a minimum 15 year sentence in jail.

Corley bonded out of the Aiken County Jail late Tuesday, on $20,000.00.

Now, the Cumbee Center – which serves battered men, women and children in Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell and Edgefield counties – wants the Republican-dominated state House of Representatives to expel Corley.

“We’re embarrassed for our county, and we’re also disgusted and enraged,” said Cumbee Center Executive Director Susan Selden. She later slammed Corley in the interview with WACH Fox 57.

“I feel like people are probably waiting to see if he’s gonna be proven to be guilty, but in my eyes, it’s already stained his reputation and it’s stained our whole state’s reputation. They’ve already documented that there were bruises on her, and I feel like that speaks volumes, and I think he ought to step down or either be removed.”

Ms. Selden also claims that the Representative has engaged in behavior that can be classified as criminal before.

“Usually it doesn’t start out this violently – there’s always been some hints of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and it escalates until it comes to this dangerous level,” she told WACH.

South Carolina continues to rank in the top three nationally in cases of women abused by men. To help curb that, the legislature passed the Domestic Violence Reform Act in 2015, creating stricter punishments for those who break the law. Despite his reservations about the bill – stemming mainly from the provision permanently barring abusers from owning guns, Corley voted “yea” on the bill and is now facing his own punishment.

“Children that grow up in violent households will usually grow up to repeat the violence. Either they will be attracted to people who abuse them because that’s all they’ve seen, or they will become perpetrators themselves,” Ms. Selden told WACH.

“I just want South Carolina to take domestic violence more seriously. I want our legislators to take it more seriously, and hopefully they will take a stand against this particular act.”

I’m with Ms. Selden here. I also want Corley gone by any means necessary. Under no circumstances should a domestic abuser be in our legislature.

WACH Fox 57