Rape victims on college campuses are 700% more likely to be killed by their attackers if guns are allowed on campuses – but stats like that do not stop out-of-touch legislators in Columbia

by jovan1984


Denmark — Out-of-touch state legislators in Columbia are at it again, trying to force their out-of-control gun culture onto educational institutions.

Bill Chumley, the idiot behind the unconstitutional bill to ban pornography in the state claiming it is a “health crisis”, and Steven Long, the idiot behind the bill to ban transgender people from using public bathrooms in the state, are behind H 3262, a bill that would truly create a real health crisis should it become law.

H 3262 would force public institutions of higher education to put their entire student bodies in grave danger by allowing guns on their campuses.

The duo claims that a citizen with a gun would have stopped the mass attack at Ohio State University, the largest college in the nation, last month. We checked the info that have been floating around elsewhere on other microblogging platforms and found that claim to be false.

No private citizen with a firearm has ever stopped a mass attack in the United States. The only instances we found of armed people stopping attacks were military personnel and law enforcement, both groups of whom are already allowed to carry guns on college campuses in South Carolina.

“There are certain dangers to being on a college campus,” said Long, one of the three co-sponsors of H 3262.

No duh, Sherlock. One danger of being on campus is being a co-ed. Add guns to the mix and that danger just skyrocketed 700%. Co-eds are attacked by men that they know. Campus carry will do absolutely nothing to protect rape victims – and everything to endanger them even more.

Contact the state House here, and state Senators here, and tell them to kill this bill!

Spartanburg Herald-Journal