Solicitors not finished when it comes to ferreting out corruption in South Carolina

by jovan1984


Jim Merrill (R-Daniel Island). Undated pic. Merrill was hit with thirty charges on Thursday.

Columbia — Corruption is rife in any state with a right-to-work law. It is also present in Chicago.

However, the corruption is so deep in South Carolina, it has led to one solicitor to say that many more currently elected state Representatives and Senators – including a handful of the super-minority Democrats – could be charged as he continues to investigate.

Jim Merrill, photographed above, was officially indicted on thirty charges on Thursday. The Daniel Island conservative is the first politician to be criminally charged with corruption since conservative House Majority Leader Bobby Harrell pleaded guilty in 2014. He resigned in disgrace from the House of Representatives the day after.

Merrill has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He pled innocent to all charges on Thursday. His bond was set at $146,000.00, which is roughly 18% of the amount that he is accused of accepting in kickbacks and bribes.

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