Verizon Wireless has outages from coast-to-coast in the past six days

by jovan1984


Basking Ridge, N.J. — If your Microsoft Lumia Icon or Lumia 735 could not connect for a certain period of time within the past six days, blame it on an outage.

Since December 9, Verizon Wireless has had numerous Long Term Evolution (LTE) outages from coast to coast.

On December 9 and 10, many Verizon Wireless customers in California reported outages. Outages were reported throughout the weekend from San Jose to Las Vegas. The outages spread to the east during the time.

On Wednesday, customers from New York to Florida experienced outages.

Today, a customer reported outages in Sarpy County, Neb.

Also, a local report to tell you about.

An outage is now being reported in Trenton. That’s about 42 miles northwest of Williston and Barnwell County.

We will tweet to Verizon about this. We hope to have an answer shortly.

UPDATE #1 at 16:43: First local report of an outage.