We Recommend: Willie Walker For Sheriff

by jovan1984


Being the top cop in a town is hard. Being the top cop in a county is even harder.

While Ed Carroll has been a good sheriff, I can’t help but think that he could one day be influenced by national leaders of his party on issues that matter to a browning population in Barnwell County.

We need to avoid that possibility at all costs.

Aiken Area Progressive, which recently relocated to Barnwell County on October 16, is making its first-ever endorsement for the county’s top cop position.

We at Aiken Area Progressive is endorsing Willie Walker for the job.


For one thing, he believes in community policing, which is the main tenet of civil rights activists who have been appalled at the police killings of innocent African-Americans in Tulsa, Okla. and elsewhere.

He also believes that our law enforcement can be improved. He would have radar guns in the patrol cars. Inexplicably, Barnwell County is one of the only counties in the entire nation that does not have radar guns in patrol cars. That is one important tool of policing that our law enforcement needs to enforce traffic laws (especially speed limits), which is a campaign promise of Mr. Walker’s.

He would also give us the 411 on what goes on at the Sheriff’s Office with an education partnership.

Sometimes, while the old leadership has done good, new leadership is needed.

This is one of those times.

On November 8, vote for Willie Walker as the next Barnwell County Sheriff.