We Recommend: Roy Cooper for Governor of North Carolina

by jovan1984


North Carolina doesn’t just have a presidential election this year.

The Tar Heel State, like eleven others, also have gubernatorial elections on the same day.

The theme of this campaign has been broken promises by the incumbent, Pat McCrory.

On July 17, 2013, McCrory broke a campaign promise to never sign anti-choice laws. The first anti-choice law passed during his reign of terror in North Carolina was Senate Bill 353, aka the “motorcycle vagina law”. He signed that law. SB 353 is a fraternal twin of Texas’s House Bill 2, which was gaveled down as unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court on June 27.

He also signed another anti-choice law, one that requires a waiting period of three business days before a pregnant person can obtain an abortion.

He also signed House Bill 2, a law that makes it a crime for cisgender men to use the bathroom if they have an emergency, and a crime for transgender people to use the bathroom at all. This law has caused almost a quarter-billion dollars in lost tourism for the state to date after the NBA, NCAA and ACC all moved major events out of Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.

He also claimed to have paid teachers, but we all know that’s a lie. And furthermore, the state dropped like a 16-stone boulder in education and teachers, falling from a top 10 performing state to 44th during McCrory’s term.

He also raised taxes at least 62 different ways on the working people, including jacking up the sales taxes.

And then there’s his support for Trump, which we will not get into.

The Carolina Comeback can commence starting on November 9, but only if Roy Cooper is elected as the next governor of North Carolina.

It’s way past time to send McCrory and the Art Pope-owned extremists packing.