We Recommend: No vote on Amendment One in Ga.

by jovan1984


Atlanta — One amendment on the ballot will determine whether big Atlanta government or the people will have control of public schools in the Peach State.

Amendment One is on the ballot.

That means our children’s futures are on the line.

If passed, the amendment would result in a massive takeover of all schools, including the ones that are excelling, by an out-of-touch, increasingly unaccountable state government in Atlanta.

And that’s not all.

Wall Street and American Legislative Exchange Council special interests would also take over the schools just to make profits off the backs of our kids. ALEC and Wall Street special interests have been trying to pass a private school welfare bill for years on the other side of the Savannah River.

Kansans can speak from experience at what these special interests have done to the kids in their state. So too can Michiganders, especially those in Genesee County.

As one conservative newspaper in the Peach State, the Blackshear Times, put it:

As with most cleverly worded ballot amendments, that isn’t what it’s about. It’s about the state taking over school districts, and running them as they see fit. It will totally abrogate local control, and run our school systems from the state capitol.

Is that what we want?  For locally elected school board and school administrators to be controlled by bureaucrats in Atlanta?  Isn’t this something conservatives are usually dead set against? Yet, this is what our pointedly-conservative-one-party state government is proposing. Why?

When was it decided handing a public function over to private entrepreneurs was a good thing? Because, in addition to creating a huge new state bureaucracy, in addition to stripping cherished local control, Amendment 1 would also hand schools over to private contractors. The majority of those contractors will be in it because they think they can get rich. Their primary interest won’t be the students. It will be how to collect the most money at the least cost.

Students will receive fewer resources, teachers will be paid less and extra-curriculars will be minimized.

The whole idea this will somehow save taxpayers money is an absurd fantasy.  Adding a new layer of government bureaucracy can’t be cheap. Private contractors are going to want to make enough money to enrich themselves. They will inflate prices and sacrifice services.

Private contractors and businesses only have one thing in mind. And it isn’t the children. And inexplicably, Nathan Deal was paid to shill for the amendment.

Time for Georgia voters to put their foot down and embarrass Gov. Deal. Vote no on Amendment One on November 8.