We Recommend: No on Proposition 60

by jovan1984


Sacramento — Some people think sex workers need saving.

We do not.

What sex workers need is a safe place to do their job.

And the jobs that most sex workers do, for the most part, are on porn sets.

And those porn sets give HIV/STD/AIDS test every time to every person before they are in use.

So, the naysayers out there will claim that one in four sex workers have an sexually transmitted disease (which is a lie).

Most sex workers who have STDs did not catch them on porn sets. They caught those STDs from negligent clients, more than likely.

Proposition 60 would do nothing to prevent STDs.

In fact, there are only three things Proposition 60 would do:

  1. If passed, the Proposition would allow for the government to harass porn stars who have clean records on testing.
  2. If passed, Proposition 60 would allow for anyone anywhere around the world (regardless of jurisdictional standing) to file junk lawsuits against porn stars and sex workers for the flimsiest of reasons, thereby allowing these bloodsuckers to lawyer up and bankrupt porn stars and sex workers.
  3. If passed, it would result in the worst job losses in California history.

There are no benefits to Proposition 60. Just severe drawbacks that the state can ill afford.

Proposition 60 is very anti-business and very anti-freedom of expression. Vote no on Prop 60 on November 8.