We Recommend: Loretta Sanchez for US Senate in Calif.

by jovan1984


Almost three weeks ago, we were ready to endorse a candidate in this race.

Then, one of the candidates, in a desperate attempt to get elected, illegally and unconstitutionally seized the property of Backpage in a scurrilous red herring of “human trafficking”.

We know for sure at that time, Kamala Harris would only look out for herself, not her constituents, in the nation’s largest state by population.

For the fact that one candidate has disqualified herself by violating the Fourth Amendment, we have decided to go with the other.

Loretta Sanchez is Aiken Area Progressive’s choice for the US Senate in California.

While she, like Harris, supports abortion rights without exception; while she, like Harris, supports tougher gun laws; while she, like Harris, supports nudity rights; and while she, like Harris, supports LGBT rights without exception; Sanchez would not resort to the kind of constitutional violations that Attorney General Harris did in order to achieve her goals.

For those who are wondering, Backpage is the place where you will not find trafficking victims. Rather, such victims are going to be found at workplaces around the country (e.g. 7-11 or McDonald’s) that Attorney General Harris routinely ignores.

Violating sex workers’ rights cannot be tolerated. That’s why we cannot, in good conscience, endorse Attorney General Harris.

California readers: on November 8, vote for Loretta Sanchez as your next US Senator.