We Recommend: Jim Barksdale for US Senate in Georgia

by jovan1984

Georgia has been down the wrong track for over a decade now.

And the same people in charge now are responsible.

Including Johnny Isakson.

Sure Isakson will likely have the most votes on Election Day, but as Georgia law dictates a 50-percent plus one vote, a runoff is very likely. What that means is that Isakson would still be a Senator when the 115th Congress convenes on January 6, 2017, but his stay could be only four days at most as the runoff would be on January 10, 2017.

Because of that, the winner of the runoff (should that happen) would be immediately seated in the Senate.

Isakson has also voted in lockstep with the national GOP leaders such as Chuck Grassley and Paul Ryan. He voted for all of the trade deals that made an already bad situation under President Clinton much worse under George W. Bush. Eleven in all.

Also, he praised the Supreme Court’s judicially activist decision to strike down Section IV of the Voting Rights Act.

If elected, Barksdale will fix the VRA and he will work with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to fix the awful trade deals Isakson has constantly voted for.

On November 8, vote for Jim Barksdale.