We Recommend: Arik Bjorn for US House, 2d District of South Carolina

by jovan1984


Seven years ago, the most disrespectful outburst towards a sitting president in US history occurred.

And the person who did it was Joe Wilson.

Sadly, the voters here have a history of rewarding traitorous behavior.

Let’s hope that changes here.

Aiken Area Progressive is endorsing Arik Bjorn for the US House of Representatives for the Second District of South Carolina, which includes Williston.

Bjorn will get things done if elected to the House. Wilson, by comparison, has had more days off than either President Obama or the average working person in the past four years.

Wilson has voted in lockstep with the hardcore partisans in the GOP. In fact, he voted 98% of the time with the party on every issue. This includes:

  • Voting yes to defund Planned Parenthood, an essential health care provider for women and transgender people.
  • Voting yes on the Russell Amendment, which legalizes discrimination against anyone who is not a white male. The amendment also criminalizes the use of birth control. The amendment also makes it a crime for transgender people to use the bathroom at all, and it also makes it a crime for cisgender men to use the bathroom in emergency situations.
  • Voting no on universal background checks for all gun sales, even while gun crime spirals out of control in Aiken, Barnwell and Lexington counties.
  • Voting yes to repeal Obamacare. Repealing Obamacare would mean that insurers would get an immediate green light to deny women-identified people insurance because of their gender.
  • Voting no on the EACH Woman’s Act.

Wilson, who was elected without serious opposition in 2002, has become a career politician. It’s time for a fresh new face representing Williston in the House of Representatives.

On November 8, replace Joe with Mr. Bjorn.