Instead of trying to fix issues with his app (and his TOS), Mark Zuckerberg is now requiring Windows 10 Phone users to have 2 GB of RAM to use his corporation’s apps

by jovan1984


Menlo Park, Calif. — Facebook has decided to create even more problems by punishing innocent Windows 10 Mobile users.

On Monday, MSPoweruser and WinBeta both posted something about Facebook beefing up its RAM requirements and only for Windows 10 Mobile users. Not desktop users. Not MacOS users. Not IOS users. Not Android users.

Windows 10 Mobile.

From WinBeta:

The new requirement doesn’t mean that phones with 1GB or 512MB of RAM won’t be able to install it. It just means that these phones aren’t officially supported, and there might be problems that may occur only on those devices. MSMobile was able to get the apps to install on a Microsoft Lumia 650, even though it has only 1GB of RAM, and WinBeta confirmed this by testing the same apps on the same device, as well as a Microsoft Lumia 640.

This may not seem like a big deal, but keep in mind that the Facebook and Messenger apps now are only officially supported on flagship devices like the HP Elite x3, Lumia 950, Acer Jade Primo and a few others. This might mean that low-end Lumia model user may never see a well working Facebook app on their phone moving forward.

There are only seven US phones running Windows 10 that Facebook support, if these changes are indeed true. They are as follows:

Acer Liquid Jade Primo
Alcatel Fierce XL
HP Elite x3
Microsoft Lumia 950
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
Nokia Lumia 929 (Icon)
Nokia Lumia 1520

Out of those seven, the Fierce XL (with its cumbersome rear camera) is the cheapest of the phones (at $109.99 at T-Mobile), meaning that many Facebook users who do not have a lot of disposable income just got priced out by Mark Zuckerberg’s fuck up. Almost all Android phones, including the “low-end” devices, now cost $299.99-399.99. And the IPhone is even more expensive, costing between $449.99 and $999.99.

Windows 10, before they went to the enterprise-only route, was the OS of choice for people who wanted a smartphone but did not have a lot of income to burn.

Now, sadly, Facebook has declared Windows 10 Mobile as the problem, not themselves. And it is typical of a good ol’ boy Silicon Valley corporation.

This is not the first time Facebook has pointed the finger elsewhere instead of taking responsibility for the problems they create. In recent years, Facebook has suspended people (both men and women) for posting photos depicting non-sexual nudity (including breastfeeding), despite the fact that such photos are not against their terms of use. Facebook has also suspended African-Americans for confronting racism and hate speech on their social networking site. Additionally, Facebook has suspended drag queens, transgender people, sex workers and other marginalized groups of people for providing their actual preferred names.