Ken Paxton and Kamala Harris illegally raid Backpage, arrests leaders of law-abiding web page

by jovan1984

Houston — The Attorney Generals of Texas and California, one of whom is a former Tyra Banks Show guest running for the US Senate, illegally raided the offices of earlier this week.

The leaders of the law-abiding web page were also arrested after landing on domestic soil in Harris County.

Ken Paxton, who is currently involved in a number of junk lawsuits against President Obama, and Kamala Harris began their illegal raids of Backpage last year.

Backpage has been no stranger to illegal orders by elected officials who know better. Last month, the US Supreme Court violated their oath of office by allowing an illegal US Senate subpoena of the top classifieds site to stand. Earlier this week, the site was successful in their lawsuit against Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, Ill., over his illegal order to Visa and Mastercard to stop doing business with the classifieds site.

This story will be updated as soon as the site responds to these unconstitutional shenanigans.