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How to use Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap without internet on your Windows Phone

Editor’s note: Jovan does not want to go to Florida during hurricane season ever again. And quite frankly, we do not blame him.

During a snowstorm, it is important to know where you are going, in case the data goes out.

The same, sadly, cannot be said of hurricanes because people will be stuck for months – or years like Floridians were post-Andrew – due to downed power lines and live wires, and the utter lack of water or other badly needed sanitation necessities.

So, for all the readers out there, snow bunnies or not, here’s how you can use Bing Maps – and OpenStreetMaps – should you have a loss of data (like the poor T-Mobile/MetroPCS folks in Pennsylvania experienced recently) on your Windows Phone.

First, download the Windows Maps app (if you do not have it already) or the Mapfactor GPS Navigation app from the Windows Store. If you do not know how to do that, links are in this post.

Secondly, open the Windows Map app. Then, tap on the ellipses at the far right. Then, tap on Settings.

From there, you will see the offline maps option. Tap on “Choose Maps”.

Once in the Offline Maps option, tap the plus sign in the box to begin downloading maps. You can also choose to change the storage location of the downloaded maps from your hard drive to an SD Card, if your phone has a micro SD Card slot available. (NOTE: the Lumia Icon does not have a micro SD Card slot. The HP Elite x3 has a micro SD Card slot, but if you insert a nano SIM card in that slot (known as slot 2), it will be inactive until you replace the SIM card with a micro SD card in Slot 2.)

If you have Data Stash (T-Mobile Simple Choice Prepaid 6 GB or 10 GB plan) or Rollover Data (AT&T Next/AT&T GoPhone), you can download the maps on a metered connection without worry. Just tap the switch from “off” to “on” under the Metered Connections section of the Offline Maps section. Screenshots of the section are below, from the Lumia 640.


How about Mapfactor, then? Well, in order to use the map app, you must download at least one offline map.

Open the app, and then choose Navigator Free. Or if you prefer, you can pay for the TomTom/OpenStreetMap Truck Maps combo by clicking on Navigator Pro. The US map costs $47.67. However, you will be able to get every other paid map for free once you purchase that map.

Unfortunately, though, both maps use up quite a bit of space, so you will need a micro SD card before downloading.

That’s it! Open the map, select the location(s) of your choice, and you can start using it without data.

Ken Paxton and Kamala Harris illegally raid Backpage, arrests leaders of law-abiding web page

Houston — The Attorney Generals of Texas and California, one of whom is a former Tyra Banks Show guest running for the US Senate, illegally raided the offices of earlier this week.

The leaders of the law-abiding web page were also arrested after landing on domestic soil in Harris County.

Ken Paxton, who is currently involved in a number of junk lawsuits against President Obama, and Kamala Harris began their illegal raids of Backpage last year.

Backpage has been no stranger to illegal orders by elected officials who know better. Last month, the US Supreme Court violated their oath of office by allowing an illegal US Senate subpoena of the top classifieds site to stand. Earlier this week, the site was successful in their lawsuit against Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, Ill., over his illegal order to Visa and Mastercard to stop doing business with the classifieds site.

This story will be updated as soon as the site responds to these unconstitutional shenanigans.

Tropical Storm Warning for southern CSRA


Once again, severe weather is on the horizon.

It was barely five weeks ago when we posted about Hermine. Now, Matthew.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami, Fla. has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for all areas within 100 miles of the Coastal Region of South Carolina and the Lowcountry region of Georgia. In the Central Savannah River Area, this includes eight counties (four from each state):

In Georgia:

Bulloch County

Emanuel County

Jenkins County

Screven County

In South Carolina:

Allendale County

Bamberg County

Barnwell County

Hampton County

The Tropical Storm Warning begins at noon Friday and is in effect until further notice.

These eight counties are also under a Flood Watch, as issued by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla. Three other counties further north were also included in the Flood Watch:

Burke County in Georgia

In South Carolina:

Aiken County

Orangeburg County

President Obama has declared Georgia and South Carolina as being in a federal state of emergency, meaning disaster funds can be accessed immediately after the event ends.

As a result, schools and local government buildings in all of these counties are closed until further notice.

UPDATE @ 12:08 Friday: The National Weather Service in Columbia has issued a High Wind Warning for Orangeburg County. This warning WILL NOT be in effect for Bamberg and Barnwell counties as they are under a Tropical Storm Warning.

UPDATE @ 12:13 Friday: President Obama has declared a federal state of emergency for the State of Georgia.

[Image of Matthew aftermath in Haiti via The End Time Headlines.]

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