Tulsa (Okla.) Police Office Deputy Betty Shelby murdered unarmed black man who had already surrendered

by jovan1984

Tulsa, Okla. — The Tulsa Police Office has a lot of explaining to do and a deputy to cut from their force.

Numerous angles of raw video (will not be posted here) shows the dead man already surrendering when Deputy Betty Shelby decided to pull out her weapon and murder him at point-blank range.

Chief Chuck Jordan told local media that the video was “very disturbing — very difficult to watch.”

A witness viewed the dash cam video as well as video from other patrol units.  Rodney Goss said that all angles showed the man’s hands in the air.

Mr. Goss, a pastor at Morning Star Baptist Church, also smacked down claims made by a police spokesperson that suggested the man was killed because he refused to obey commands, which is a damning piece of evidence against Shelby and TPO.

“It was not apparent at any angle from any point that he lunged, came toward, aggressively attacked, or made any sudden movements that would have been considered a threat or life-threatening toward the officer,” said Pastor Goss to the Tulsa World.

Shelby is currently on paid administrative leave.  Let’s hope she wears an orange jumpsuit for the rest of her life.

And let’s hope that Shelby’s current employer terminates her and books her on capital murder charges.