IOS 10 was released at 13:00 – and it is already the unmitigated disaster the initial Windows 10 rollout was 13 months earlier

by jovan1984


Cupertino, Calif. — The readers who use an IPad, IPod or IPhone to read this site’s content are not happy at all at Apple tonight.

Apple released IOS 10 at 13:00 today, and users of the three devices are complaining about a rash of problems.  One problem in particular that users are complaining about is the performance of the camera on the IPhone 6s Plus, not to mention the actual bricking of the device.



One user is so happy with her/his IOS 7, the person said they’re staying on that software for as long as humanly possible.


As Windows Mobile fans, we at Aiken Area Progressive can definitely relate to the problems IOS users have currently having with IOS 10.  Thirteen months ago, Windows 10 was released for PCs, tablets and the Xbox One by Microsoft.  The software was riddled with all sorts of problems, problems that have yet to be fixed as of this post.  On November 18, 2015, two days before the Lumia 950 went on sale at AT&T, Windows 10 Mobile (10586) was released with massive problems of its own, and the problems with Windows 10 Mobile were only fixed in July for all eligible devices (except one), just one month and a half before the Anniversary Update (14393) was released, meaning the Windows Mobile users who stuck around with the platform never got a real opportunity to see how polished the 10586 build was before the users were pushed to the 14393 builds.

One can use 20/20 hindsight and then know why Google’s Android is the only mobile operating system with double digit market share both in the US and worldwide.

Fact is, both Apple and Microsoft have let down their users with their OS updates within the past year.