Today is the first of two GoTopless Days in 2016 – and law-abiding citizens are still being treated as criminals based on zip code

by jovan1984


Today is the first of two GoTopless Days this year (thanks to the leaping of August 1 from Saturday to Monday), and some locations in the United States and Canada are having events today.

However, all events regionally – in Asheville, Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina – are scheduled for a week from today, weather permitting.  We will post a forecast for those events as they near.

In the meantime, though, there is a very troubling trend ongoing where cities (Myrtle Beach, Timmonsville, Los Angeles and San Francisco among them) and the entire states of Indiana and Utah are openly violating the US Constitution without fear of consequences.

If these violations of the Constitution involved abortion or guns, instead of nudity or female toplessness, certain segments of our population would leave their cushy homes and jobs and take to the streets for weeks and weeks on end.  Not surprisingly, the abortion rights and gun communities have been crickets while Indiana, Utah and cities across the nation rip apart the Constitution at the seams – and our First and Fourteenth Amendment rights to be naked in public along with it.

For the group of people who proclaim that our rights shouldn’t depend on our zip code, the same people sure support the old guard who firmly believes that our rights should be very dependent on zip code, city limits or state boundaries.

For example, did you know that despite a state law in Florida granting people the right to be naked in public and a law protecting breastfeeding in public, Daytona Beach has a 25-year-old ban on both nudity and breastfeeding?  Yep.  Daytona Beach’s public nudity ban is the nation’s most strict.  Orlando also has a ban on nudity.  However, if you head to Melbourne; New Port Richey; Bradenton; Fort Myers; Tallahassee; Jacksonville, Fla.; or Miami, public nudity is completely legal, the way it should be.

This is one of several prime examples of why no state or municipality should be allowed to ban public nudity under any circumstances.  Another reason why nudity bans should be repealed and preempted is because law abiding citizens (including babies) are treated as criminals under these laws and ordinances the instant they leave the mother’s womb.  Next Sunday, the day most US cities will hold their GoTopless rallies, we will write a robust piece calling for states and the federal government to repeal and preempt all laws outlawing public nudity.

Public nudity and female toplessness are not even remotely about the children.  No child has ever been harmed by the sight of a naked person – and scientific studies have been done on this.  So, any person who says that kids are harmed by simply seeing a naked body are bald-faced liars.

Under no other circumstances are law abiding citizens treated as criminals based on zip code.  And under no other circumstances are flimsy excuses used to justify denying us our basic civil rights.  When it comes to public nudity and female toplessness, it should be absolutely no different.

Starting today, nudity rights and female topless rights advocates must make it our priority that we will either have our rights granted to us or we will take our rights by any means necessary.  And we must also make it clear to women’s rights groups like Planned Parenthood that they must make nudity rights a central piece of their mission, just like what they have already done with voting rights and LGBT rights.

No more playing nice.