American Telephone & Telegraph Mobility ends overage charges on all plans – prepaid and postpaid

by jovan1984


Dallas, Texas — Starting now, American Telephone and Telegraph Mobility will no longer charge customers for overages on any of their plans.

AT&T announced on Tuesday, August 16, that starting at 0:01 EDT today, that they would no longer charge for overages on any of their three plans: GoPhone, Next and Mobile Share Advantage.

Instead, Big Orange will throttle the customer’s data down to 128 kbps, which is 2G/EDGE speeds, once a customer has hit her data limit for the remainder of that billing cycle, which is usually 31 days.

The plans come with other changes — they strip out the cheapest, offering more data for higher prices, while lowering the cost for some higher data plans.

AT&T is likely betting consumers will switch to get rid of annoying charges when they go over the limits.

That leaves Verizon as the only carrier that still charges overages.  However, that’s not going to last long as Verizon announced last month that they were ending overage charges on their prepaid and postpaid plans by no later than September 22.

Thirty-eight months ago, T-Mobile was the first of the carriers to end overage charges.  This was at a time in which they had no LTE at all and only a small slice of 4G.

It would take 24 months before another carrier, this time Sprint, to end overage charges.  Sprint did so 14 months ago, in June 2015.  Later in 2015, US Cellular followed suit and ended overage charges, leapfrogging fellow CDMA carrier Verizon and fellow Band 12 carrier AT&T.

By the time autumn arrives, the era of annoying overage charges will, thankfully, come to a close.

Feel free to use your Lumia 950 XL on AT&T now without worrying about that annoying gimmick.

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