Sexism Express, 2016 Summer Games Edition

by jovan1984

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Barely a half week has passed in the 17-day Summer Games, and there’s already been enough sexism to warrant both a post here and Twitter hashtags.

Since the opening ceremonies on Friday, there have been at least five incidents of sexism and sexual objectification during the Olympics – and that’s just the incidents publicly called out on Twitter.

Below the fold are the incidents in detail.

WNBC commentator comments on Kerri Walsh Jennings’s body

I love watching women’s beach volleyball. I have been watching since 2008 due to the finesse and skill the players have. However, the network that will have both the Summer and Winter Olympics until the end of the 203d decade (in 2030) thought that those things were nowhere near as important as how Kerri Walsh Jennings, my favorite Olympic athlete, looked. New York City native Sue Hovey, who used to be the executive editor of ESPN the Magazine, unearthed the first incident of sexism during the Olympics on Sunday with these tweets:


When was the last time commentators referred to male athletes as “fathers” during an event outside of a rain delay or the June holiday? Seems like the only time I hear of a male athlete referred to as a father is during a rain delay of a NASCAR race.

But, wait! That’s just the beginning of Sexism Weekend at the Summer Games.

Dudebros ogle over bisexual WNBA star Elena Delle Donne, other out lesbian WNBA players

On Sunday, Minneapolis native Lindsey (whose last name is unknown), who uses the Cards Against Harassment (CardsAgstHrsmt) handle on Twitter, was handed screenshots from other tweeters, presumably her loyal followers, that showed three dozen of the hundreds of sexist dudebros objectifying bi and lesbian WNBA players.


On Monday morning, she posted the other nine.


Tribune’s flagship newspaper refers to Corey Cogdell-Unrein as the wife of an NFL player on their local NFL franchise

Later on Sunday night, Corey Cogdell was referred to by WNBC and the Tribune Company’s flagship newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, as “the wife of a Chicago lineman” shortly after she won her second medal of the games, the third place bronze.

corey cogdell sexist coveragewp_ss_20160809_0001

Connie Schultz, a Kent State alumna and an op-editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, quickly hammered the Chicago Tribune for its failed, desperate attempt to localize the accomplishment.

Others gave WNBC plenty of criticism of their own over that, as well.

Mansplainer receives virtual medal for his nonsense after woman cyclist suffers injury

After Dutch Olympian Annemiek van Vleuten suffered a minor injury, but one major enough to require hospitalization, a man from Dallas, Texas (of course he’s from Texas!) named Martin Betancourt thought it would be a oh-go-good idea to insert his tips on teaching a pro cyclist, one who is a novensexagintillion times better than him, how to ride a bike!


For that BuzzFeed writer Grace Spelman awarded Mr. Betancourt the gold medal in mansplaining, which is the worst honor anyone can get.

Women objectify, make crude sexist comments about Tonga’s flag bearer


If you thought that men would be the only ones to take the sexist route during the Olympics, you were proven wrong on Monday morning.

Roughly 95% of the media pieces about Tonga’s flag bearer has been crudely sexist and objectifying thus far. Here are some tweets of women’s sexist behavior on display:

At least there are some women in this world who hold their gender to the exact same standard as women hold men in these situations. Retweet these awesome women below.

And this woman gets a gold medal in exposing hypocritical women and hypocrites calling themselves “feminists” on twitter:

NBC Olympics make sexist mockery record number of US women Olympians on web page

And today, Day 5, the Sexism just keeps on rolling.

It was learned that the NBC Olympics web page currently has a page up on the 292 women from this nation competing in the Summer Games. What’s more? It’s only about the duocentiduononaguplet’s looks, as Tracy Diane of New York City spotted:

C’mon, NBC. You know better.