Tufts U convicted of violating Title IX

by jovan1984

Boston — Tufts University has become the first college in 19 years to be convicted of violating Title IX.

These allegations stemmed from the university’s failure to report sexual assault on campus.

An alumni of the school, Watague Wanjuki, burned her shirt in disgust. She recorded it on Facebook Live.

“We want to educate the world about the power of apology and just how deep institutional betrayal hurts us,” said Ms. Wanjuki, who filed a Title IX complaint against Tufts in 2010, to Rewire. “It will also show the true motivations of schools—do they care that survivors are carrying the weight of the harm they caused? Or were we just a number to them, despite what they claim in brochures attracting new students, wooing parents, and soliciting donations? No matter the outcome of the campaign, the true colors of schools will be revealed.”

Rewire reports that the complaint stemmed from Tufts using a sudden decline in Ms. Wanjuki’s GPA due to the stress, depression and trauma she experienced following her rape to boot her from the university rather than support her after she reported her rapist.

“Schools have so much power over the course of our lives. When they refuse to support the most vulnerable in our society, they are not being the beacons of knowledge and nurturing that they claim to be. They are merely reinforcing the harms and inequalities that plague our communities,” said Ms. Wanjuki to Rewire.


Tufts is the third school to be convicted of violating Title IX, the first school since 1997 to be convicted, the first school outside of the South to be convicted and the first school to ever be convicted due to the failure to take campus rape seriously.

The last school to be found guilty of violating Title IX prior to Tufts was the Virginia Military Institute in June 1997. The Mississippi University of Women was the first college to be found guilty of violating Title IX in 1982.